Bison Stew

Bison meat offers consumers a healthy alternative to beef and pork. Programs such as the Bison Marketing Plan in Alberta and the Livestock Loan Guarantee Program in Saskatchewan have been established to develop the industry.

Less Fat, Calories & Cholestrol

We’re told Bison is the only mammal that does not get cancer. Some claim that the Plains Indians, whose main diet was Bison, did not suffer from cancer or heart disease. What is certainly true is that Bison meat has less fat, calories, cholesterol. Along with high protein, vitamins and minerals than most other meats, it makes for a ‘heart-healthy’ alternative. The taste is often indistinguishable from beef, although bison tends to have a fuller, richer (sweeter) flavor. It is not ‘gamey’ or ‘wild’ tasting.

While the price per pound of bison may be a little higher than that of other meats, it is important to understand that with the extra health benefits of bison, the consumer is receiving value for their money. Bison meat does not contain drugs, hormones or any chemicals. With bison meat you get what you pay for – 100% pure, wholesome, tasty nutrition!

My gluten-free bison stew is tasty, healthy and easy to prepare.

Great for outdoor enthusiasts, camping, quick lunches, and healthy dinners for any family who wants more from their meals.

Rachel’s Gourmet Gone Wild Bison Stew is:

  • Made with all natural ingredients
  • 100% gluten free
  • Loaded with Iron and Omega 3
  • Available in convenient, individually wrapped heat & serve portions

Kids love our Bison Stew!

Horseradish cream sauce included.

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