From Rachel’s Heart to Your Plate

Rachel Galea - Gourmet Gone WildAt Rachel’s Gourmet Gone Wild it’s our goal to get friends, family and loved ones back to the table around fresh, wholesome, well prepared food – and now our table includes you.

Sourcing meat from Black Angus Meats and game, Rachel makes sure that her food is hormone, antibiotic free and organic. She sources fresh produce from local growers & producers seasonally, and  prepares vegan, gluten and dairy entrees that are feel-good, organic and fresh dishes.

As a working Mother of three, Rachel knows that healthy eating contributes to making a good day, better … but in today’s hectic world there is very little time for cooking and creating delicious and nutritious meals every day.

Let Rachel do the work for you.

With flavourful dishes offered in single-size portions, frozen at peak freshness to preserve flavour, Rachel’s dishes help you win the race against the clock when meal time comes around. Just heat as directed.

As a high honours graduate of Liaison College Culinary Arts and recipient of the Women in Food Industry Management Scholarship, Rachel has taken her life-long passion of creative, well rounded food for her family and friends to the market.

“From my heart to your plate”